On Saturday Dec 12th Rochelle and her volunteers met up at the park trusting that God would bring out the kids from their 5 “regulars” inviting other middle school students.
In all, 10 students showed up and enjoyed the fun and food, but also heard the word shared and realized the joy that came through the long unfolding story of God bringing about His promised Savior! A great time was had and God’s word was preached.
Rochelle and her team will continue to follow up with these kids to see how the Lord has worked in their hearts.
Thanks again for your prayers! We so appreciate you!
Late breaking news! Our son Andy, his wife Ryoko and our 2 grandkids are traveling out to Orlando from Los Angeles to spend 4 weeks with us over Christmas and New Years! What a great blessing! This will be our first time to hold Leon Paul (8 months) and a year and a half since we have seen Erin (now 3 years old) and her parents in person. We are so very thankful for the opportunity to spend this precious time together. Pray for protection and good health and growing relationships among us all.
Love in Jesus,
Steve and Rochelle

December Party in the Park Outreach Results