Please pray:
For the hearts of the people of Japan. That they would be open to hope of Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross.
For the recovery efforts and for people that still might be trapped.
Relief Efforts – That insight, wisdom, and strength would be given to the ministries & Relief Workers.
Government Workers – That they would be able to organize the rescue efforts and rebuilding.
American Military – Many members of the churches here, soldiers stationed in Okinawa, have left to help in the relief.
Food – Many don’t have it.
Elderly – This is a difficult time for them.
Children – Many have been orphaned. Many are scared and need God’s comfort.
Damaged Buildings – Many of the structures have been compromised.
Refuge shelters – Difficult to maintain enough of them and workers to manage them.
Electricity Restored – There are going to be scheduled blackouts all throughout tokyo, and many areas in Japan don’t have any power.
Contact with families – Communications are down in most areas. And in the destruction, many cannot locate their families.
Warmth from the Cold – Japan even now is still very cold.
Aftershocks – they are still experiencing them.
Rebuilding – That once this crisis is over, they would be able to rebuild, that the whole nation could have a foundation not only of bricks and concrete, but of a belief in Jesus.
Clean up
Boldness For Believers – That they could outreach to the survivors and give them the only surety anyone can have. Jesus.
Translators for emergency workers
Financial Aid
Fearful People
Travel availability – many planes and trains are intermittently out of service. Some permanently.
Nuclear power plants – That they will stabilize. There is a lot of fear now with these reactors.
For wisdom for the workers at the nuclear power plant, including some Christian workers there.
Gasoline – many of the gas stations are out of gas.

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