Wow! We appreciate your heart to pray for your missionaries! Here’s our special requests:

01/14/2015 – Praise update! Ben has reached 40% of his goal raising his support as a new staff member. This month he is taking the graduate courses Cru requires of all our new staff, at a conference in Daytona Beach. Quinn is also there. Pray that they all learn and grow in the Lord in preparation for their assignments around the country and the world.

10/14/2014 –

  • Pray that we will be filled with joy from the Holy Spirit each day as we serve the Lord.
  • Pray for Steve’s work with the online application project, that a very user-friendly and secure tool would be developed to serve all those new people joining us.
  • Pray for Rochelle as she coaches 3 new staff this fall.
  • Pray for Ben as he trusts the Lord to raise a team of ministry partners for his campus ministry in Tokyo.
  • Pray for us as we care for Rochelle’s mom day by day. Pray for her to feel at home with us, and trust God.
  • Pray for wisdom and fun as Rochelle helps Melissa plan her wedding!
  • Ask God to help Josh with his studies and testimony at school.

09/04/2014 – Pray for our son Ben as he joins Cru staff. He is at the training conference 9/4 to 9/14. Another STINTer from Tokyo, Quinn, is also joining staff, along with about 50 other STINTers, and 30 folks joining us from  the middle of their careers! Pray for God’s Spirit to build into these staff and prepare them for living out their calling all over the world.

04/23/2014 – Pray for Steve as he works on the Online Application project, bringing Cru’s many applications together into one online spot. Pray for unity and protection from spiritual battle for the team that is working on this. The team comes from several major divisions of Cru, with diverse needs related to applications. Our goal is to ultimately bring many more people into the mission.