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It is Sunday morning (03/20/11). Today’s update is an email (used with permission) that I received this morning from my CRASH administrative assistant Rebekah. I barely knew Rebekah on Sunday afternoon one week ago when our CRASH leadership team was formed. At that time I was given responsibility for media/press and fund raising — I knew I needed help — all of us were totally overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I looked around the room, saw Rebekah and asked if she would help me. Turns out she is exceptionally gifted, with executive secretary experience at a Japanese firm. I deeply appreciate her, below is her story:
From: Rebekah Suzuki
Subject: My story (to my brothers and sisters that I call family in the States)
Date: March 20, 2011 3:12:55 AM JST
Hello from Japan!
As you know, Japan has been hit with the worst disaster ever. But things have changed here. I feel like I am living in a completely different world.
I got laid off in February, and my contract ended March 11th (The day the earthquake hit). I was looking for a job for about a month but not much luck. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next in life, and was praying for God to
open the right door. I wrote “God, lead me toward the right direction. The
best place that you can fully use me” (my journal March 3rd) not knowing
what that meant at that time.
The day of the earthquake, I walked through center of Tokyo which took me 5hrs (roughly 20kms). Everyone was shaken up, but encouraging each other,
which isn’t typical of Japan. This is first when I felt that Japan will never be
the same. In a better way.
On Monday I started helping CRASH Japan
We probably started off with 15 people. Mostly missionaries and I was the
only fully bilingual person. I figured I didn’t have anything better to be
doing, and at least I could use my time wisely to help others.
7 days have gone by since CRASH Japan started and it’s incredible how God
has growing us. We will need one thing, it would be provided. So many organizations/denominations/non-profits/churches have come to us which is
growing daily I cannot keep track (I am working as Executive Assistant to
the Relations dept).
I know this is where God wants me to be, I don’t have an income but I know
God will provide somehow.
It’s great to see the whole world come together, and the Japanese churches
go beyond denominational boards to work with us.
I also work closely with the students. They are taking initiative within
CRASH, finding their roles. Age doesn’t matter anymore. I go into the
students room and ask who can help, and I see 30 hands before I even tell them what I want help for! They even went into the city fund raising at train stations, and made about $2000. No adult asked them to do it.
I have no idea how God will bless CRASH tomorrow because He has been
opening, no, plowing through 10 doors at a time I’ve never seen Him work
this hard, and His followers humbly work for Him offering all they have.
There is so much I want to share, but its 3am so I should go to bed.
Please continue to pray for Japan. Also, if you could spread the word of
how God is working every second in Japan, in CRASH there is so much praise as well!
If you have people that may be interested in CRASH, please feel free to
spread the word. We’ve had a lot of media coverage but I would like media
to cover the students here as well (youth magazines?) The stories need to be told, yes there are the devastating stories, but there is so many good stories that need spreading of.
With tears of Joy, Rebekah

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