Nearly 200 students and staff will gather for a Japan CCC conference in Tokyo this Monday to Thursday. Pray for them to discern how God would use them to help others recover from the earthquake/tsunami as their actions express God’s love. Here’s some comments from the conference:
From Cam C., one of our Tokyo staff from the US.
Day 1 of CHANGE student Conference at Tokyo Olympic Village was a source of comfort, hope, determination and faith. Some 25 registered participants from outside of Tokyo chose not to come (or weren’t able to because of the chaos of local transportation), and we blessed their decision. The conference is on internet livestream for them. 170 participants DID make it there, though, and we’re all encouraged.
Day 4 from Cam C.
Because of power conservation efforts in Tokyo, trains are running sporadically. Japanese depend on trains to get anywhere (generally, cars aren’t used for commuting). With the train system now undependable, more people are venturing out in cars, clogging the roads more than usual, and creating an impossible demand for gasoline. Gas lines before stations that still have gas are over 100 cars long! I LOVE my bike!
Interesting that we had decided months ago to call the student conference “CHANGE” – because the schedule of events were CHANGED all the time! I was responsible for the outreach event at Yoyogi Park yesterday, but that all CHANGED when it was recommended on NHK news that people only go outside when necessary – hence, the park was empty!
This morning, the conference ended, and while it wasn’t what we had planned, all staff and students left encouraged and hopeful that God is going to deliver for the Japanese in relief, faith, hope, and love.
Day 4 From Janie L., another Tokyo staff from Singapore.
So far, Today has been peaceful (no aftershocks); scheduled blackout was not carried out in our area. A very sunny day yet strong cold winds are blowing. We have been trying our best to do our part to save on electricity by not turning on our heater. If we are feeling cold, how much more the people in the affected areas.
Update summary:
Thank you for your prayer for the conference. The conference finished in March 17th morning in all God’s mercy. This conference was remarkable. Students, staff, STINTters, paster ware cried out, shout with tears, and pray more and more at entire the conference. At the conference our leader Yoshitaka challenged us to act Jesus’s love to Japanese people.

Japan CCC Student Conference in Tokyo Mar 14-17