One of Cru’s ministries that is having a huge impact around the world is called Global Church Movements (GCM). Our US GCM staff network with church planting groups globally and with our own GCM staff in various countries.

One staff reported on a national GCM leader named Joe (name changed). Joe has a vision for starting new churches. Since 2010, he has been coaching 19 church planters and three mentors in his South Asian country.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, Joe couldn’t visit any of the teams he was working with. He asked God to show him what to do during the lockdown. God spoke to him: “Share the good news with your neighbors.” So, in May 2020, he reached out to 10 of his neighbors. All of them prayed and received Christ. He felt God’s favor was on him, and he continued telling more people about Jesus. In the past eight months, he’s shared the gospel with 300 people from the country’s majority religion.  One hundred eighty of them gave their hearts to Jesus!!

Currently, Joe has four house churches and 12 Pray-Care-Share groups, which will most likely grow into churches. He also has trained seven lay leaders who have started their own Pray-Care-Share groups.

Joe’s story is like those of hundreds of other workers trained by Global Church Movements. Last year, GCM trained 72,908 church planters in 2,233 locations in 133 countries. You can read more about Pray-Care-Share on the Cru website and type in the search box “pray care share.”

We are so thankful to be able to send staff members helping our national staff have this kind of impact for the gospel! We are also thankful for God’s provision through all of you as we saw the full end of year need come in once again! Praise to God!

Global Church Movements Staff