Our staff member heard Andre’s story of coming to Christ. This young disciple was eager to share it.
Andre sat close to me and said, “I want to tell you how I met Jesus. About two years ago while asleep, I had a dream and a person in dazzling white appeared to me but said nothing. I woke up not knowing what this was so I went to a Muslim cleric and told him what I had dreamed about. He said that many people have such dreams and that l was to forget about it, it’s nothing. I felt troubled that I did not have the correct answer and it bothered me, so I went to another four clerics, who said the same thing. Eventually the fifth cleric told me it was Satan who appeared in my dream. I became angry at the thought of Satan visiting me and did not bother to ask any more questions.
About a year later he said he had another similar dream. This time the same person in dazzling white said, “Andre, what are you waiting for?” He responded to the person in his dream, “Who are you?” And the person said, “Emmanuel.” He did not know what this word meant, so Andre asked a good friend of his on Facebook what “Emmanuel” meant and he said, “God is with us.” Andre told his friend the dreams he had and his friend said, “Andre, do you want to know Emmanuel?” He said, “Yes, I don’t know how but whenever I meet Him in my dreams I feel at peace.”
It turns out Andre’s friend was a believer in Christ who had been praying for his salvation for some time. Andre prayed to receive Christ.

A Person in Dazzling White Appeared to Me