There are Christian workers working on pipe connection for cooling system of Fukushima nuclear plant. Please pray for them. Their names are Seiichi Kisaka and Naoyoshi Satoh.
Other Christians known to be in the plant areas:
Mr. Shibuya is in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant One.
Mr. Nakamura is in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant One.
Mr. Kita departed to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Two Saturday.
Mr. Yatsuo went to the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Sunday.
Mr. Nishimura went to Fukushima Nuclear Plant Two on Monday.
PRAY for their witness to co-workers! For the Lord’s protection, and success in the work! – reported by believers in Japan.
A Christian Japanese man, Naoyoshi Satoh, headed the team that reconnected the fallen power lines so that electricity could flow again to the power plant. Many, many people prayed for this man and his team! And they were successful! The last I heard electricity was flowing again to reactors 1 & 2 and they were trying to do the same for reactors 3 & 4 – reported by believers in Japan.
They were going to try and douse the reactors (namely reactor
#3) with water again but decided to concentrate all efforts on restoring
electrical power to the plant so they could use the water pumps, which would
be far more effective. As it turns out, the project head is a Christian.
His name is Naoyoshi Sato, believed to be a member of the First Baptist
Church of Fukushima. At such a time as this, God has placed a Christian in
the midst!
So please join all of us so we can pray as one. Pray for God’s anointing
upon Sato-san. Pray for a miracle, and that he and his team will be able to
accomplish restoring electricity to the badly damaged power plant and that
the water pumps will be functional to cool the reactors down.
Also, please pray that just as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were
protected from the burning furnace, Sato-san, his team, the firefighters,
police officers, members of the self-defense force and government officials
on the scene will also be fully protected from all harm.
And pray for a solution to the crack in the reactor which could result in
major radiation leakage.
May all those involved witness the power and majesty of God that all
glory will be his.
Pastor Sato of Fukushima First Baptist Church also wrote that a man was scheduled to work at the plant the night of the earthquake. His wife, who is a church member, urged him to evacuate with the family. At the evacuation center, a church, the man put his trust in Christ as Savior, on Mar. 17. He then said that he could not stay away while his co-workers were bravely fighting. He went back to work. He spent his birthday, Mar 20, working. His wife and children pray with anxious hearts.– from Christian friends following the story.

Japan’s Nuclear Rescuers: ‘Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks’

Update! – reported Mar 31 by one of our Tokyo friends regarding a CRASH volunteer who headed up to Fukushima, a part away from the radiation.
When Scott, Matt, Richard, and one other team member (I forgot that team member’s name because they picked him up on the way – but he was knowledgeable about radioactivity) arrived in Fukushima, they found that though the church building and town had been completely destroyed by the tsunami, the church family was strong, vibrant and actually enjoying their time of fellowship together at church in Yonezawa. They were even more amazed to find that the lady and her son that Scott had taught had become Christian since the disaster!! Not only that, but that lady’s husband had run away from the nuclear plant (even though he was supposed to be working on it) out of fear. But he too became a Christian!! And a few days later, with a Bible in hand, he said he had to return to his job and is now continuing to work at the plant.

Pray for Christian Workers in Nuke Plants