One of the staff members whom Rochelle coached when she was a new staff member has begun working with Cru’s humanitarian division, called Unto.  Stacey Heim has a heart for the people of Colombia because that is where her father came from.  God opened a door for her to coordinate 3 projects there in these past few months.

Stacey shared about the situation in Colombia: “Red flags (literal ones, not figurative ones) have been appearing throughout many parts of Colombia, hung from homes and power lines. The flags are hung to symbolize a cry for help, as vulnerable communities have suffered even greater hardship as the COVID-19 pandemic has suppressed the already sparse economic opportunities.”

Stacey is helping lead 3 projects to needy families in  these communities. Each project is being carried out by Cru staff, students and volunteers in Bogotá who will deliver one month of food and basic supplies to 160 people (approximately 40 families) per project. Through these efforts, pressing needs are met, the love of God is shared, and long-term relationships are forged between the people of these communities and the students, staff and volunteers of Cru Colombia.

The first project involves university students who will distribute aid and share Christ’s love within communities of Venezuelans who have crossed into Colombia seeking safer and better circumstances. The second project has Cru Colombian staff entering the camps set up for former militants now seeking to settle back into Colombian society. A third project for internally displaced people around Bogota has helped Cru staff set up discipleship groups among young people as a result of sharing aid. We’re so thankful God is using them to touch lives for Christ!

Staff Helping Touch Lives in Colombia