“I had coffee with a long time friend from middle school and I got to share the gospel with her for the first time with help from the God Tools app!”— Emily, University of Georgia

“I invited two guys from one fraternity and a guy from another fraternity to lunch. The one guy brought three more with him, so I got to share the gospel with all 6 of them together! The one who invited the others has been learning how to share his faith. It was a very encouraging conversation all around. It all started with a quote from Ben Franklin, ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ I asked them what they would put in the blank? ‘_____ is proof that God loves you and wants you to be happy.’ Then we talked about the ultimate proof: Jesus! It was so fun to talk about beer and Jesus with these 6 fraternity guys. They loved it and asked me to come talk to both of their fraternities.”— Trace, Texas Tech University

“I found myself longing for others to meet God the way I have, while before it seemed like an obligation. When I started taking time to realize God’s place and my place, I couldn’t help but go and tell. I had never experienced this feeling of duty and purpose before this year. I think God finally sent a wake up call, but also helped me realize how much he longs for others to meet him if I would just introduce them.” -Ty, University of Central Missouri 

These are just some of the responses from the 6292 students who participated in Winter Conference this month!

“I’ve had multiple friends on my heart that I’ve been praying for and desiring to share the gospel with. They’re unbelievers… After at-tending the conference, I feel much more equipped and on-fire to share my faith and approach them in a conversation.” —Kellen, University of Idaho freshman

After learning how to disciple and mentor others to multiply his spiritual impact, Zeke, a fresh-man at Asbury University, challenged five Christian friends to grow in their faith together. They’ve already begun meeting to learn how they can share the good news of Jesus with others!

“Saturday night during one of the guest speaker’s talks, I heard an overwhelming voice (the type that makes you bow your head in wonder, sending chills throughout your body). I heard God say “Go…” It’s got something to do with me committing, not just my summer, but my life in service of the Great Commission. I have no earthly idea what that would look like, but I’m content with where God is leading despite the uncertainty.” —Cade, University of Arkansas sophomore

Winter Conference Fruitfulness