Almost all of us feel a little awkward to talk about our faith, but when we do, it energizes us because we have shared something very close to our hearts. These tools will help you get conversations started, whether using pictures, personal stories, videos or simple sharing.


Soularium is a set of pictures like postcards depicting many evocative scenes. Groups enjoy looking at and sharing how certain cards reflect what they are feeling about certain areas of life. Simple questions and a listening ear get spiritual conversations started.


CoJourners is a study that helps you learn to engage others in conversation about their spiritual journey. Since all of us are on one, the concepts and principles really apply to everyone. Find simple ways to get the conversations started with those around you.


Jesus Film Media allows you to show short clips up to the full Jesus Film and many other short films to those you are spending time with. There’s nothing like a video to get people started, asking them what they think or what was interesting about it, and go from there! It’s wonderful to let Jesus speak to their heart directly.


Now with God Tools on your phone you are never without simple presentations that help people comprehend the gospel. Whether by reading through together or letting them read short articles related to the gospel this is a treasure trove of great places to start. Get the app today and see how God will use you as you pray and ask Him to do.

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Tools to help you share good news with others
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