Dear Prayer Warriors,
This week we have been dealing with a sickness that hit Steve starting very early Sunday morning.  He had chills and high fever, followed by vomiting, and the fever stayed very high with him alternately sweating and having chills.  Finally by Monday night, his fever was at 104 Fahrenheit.  It has been the worst sickness I have ever seen Steve go through.  Tuesday we took him to the hospital where he had blood tests, an IV, and the doctor thinks he has an infection in his intestines.  Last night, we noticed that his left leg was red and very warm to the touch, starting at his foot up to the middle of his calf.  So today we went to a clinic where he was given more IV with an anti-biotic and told to take a double dose of the antibiotic medicine that the hospital had given him.  The good thing is that he has been able to eat a little and drink and keep it in him as well as his medicine.  But his leg is very painful and it is hard for him to walk on it.  We have to go back to the local clinic tomorrow and the hospital on Friday.  So please pray that the medicine would be effective against the infection, for wisdom for the doctors, and for Steve to get well soon!

We have been very thankful to have Andy still with us as he has taken care of Josh for me while I took Steve to the hospitals!  Ben and Melissa started school on Monday, the 28th of August so they haven’t been around much to help out.  Please pray for Andy, too, as he goes back to America on Sept. 5 and starts school on Sept. 6. Thank you so much for your prayers.  We know that the Lord is taking care of us through this time.

In His love,

Steve's Stomach and Leg Infections