Steve has started into his work assignment at the HQ.  I am working in a position titled Director of Sending for HRX.  HRX is the human resource department tasked with sending US staff to international assignments who are not campus staff.  We also help recruit people to work at the Global HQ here in Orlando.

I am supervising 3 teams.  There are about 12 people involved, and they have not had an immediate director as closely involved with them recently as my role is going to allow me to be.  This is a bit challenging for me as it means I am working more to enable these other staff to be successful and effective at what they do, and not as much working on administrative tasks as I used to do in Japan.  But everyone is quite friendly and I think we will have a good year together and develop more of CCC’s ability to send laborers into God’s harvest field of the world.

Meanwhile on the home front Ben is getting out there to look for work, putting in applications and getting some interviews.  I am also helping teach him to drive with his Florida learners permit.  Please pray for Ben that he will get a job and get the driving down well soon.

Thanks for praying for Melissa!  She really seems to be settling in well with making new relationships at her school and with some CCC kids here and at our local church.  She has started babysitting for other Lake Hart STINTers here in our apartment complex.  Pray that the Lord will help her reach out more to others through these transitions.

Starting Work at HQ