The last two weeks have been a blurr of activity getting settled into Orlando.  Getting kids registered, changing plans with Ben and college, Florida tags and licenses and buying a pile of stuff to furnish the kitchen and bedrooms have taken a lot of time.  Thanks for praying for us – mostly it has gone smoothly with a couple hickups.  Ben is going to work this year and gain Florida residency.

The STINT program is named Lake Hart after the location of the Headquarters of CCC which is at Lake Hart.  Other people with our STINT program (those one year workers at the Headquarters who are sharing this housing area with us) have been arriving.  Steve and Ben have helped out on other move-ins as people came too.
The Moving Gang one evening at work.
Now there are about 40 adult staff members and almost that many children here where we are living in the Cypress Lake apartments.  We will be going through the program together.  Basically we will work at the Headquarters of CCC about 3 1/2 days a week and 1 1/2 with programs for STINTers and small group meetings and taking turns with childcare probably.  We are looking forward to all of it, but especially the mentoring and small group times, as we process this big change in our lives from International missionaries to US-based missionaries.

We celebrated Ben’s 18th birthday here, and Josh has been having fun too, take a look!

100_3336a.jpg 100_3307a.jpg

Lake Hart STINT Year Preparations