We have been enjoying a week of special meetings and conference with about 4000 US staff members of CCC from all over the world.  Many friends have found us or we found them and caught up on old times and new steps of faith in various places we are serving.  We have met some of those we will be serving with in this next year of service through the Lake Hart STINT.  I will soon be writing some about my assignment as part of this development year. 

Our kids have been involved in some of the programs for children and youth here, though a stomach bug cut short some of that.  Melissa ran into dehydration and needed an IV one day due to heat complications, but she is better now.

 God has been meeting us and speaking to us in very special ways, encouraging our faith and our expectations as we work through this major move for our family to Orlando.  We do not want to lose our heart for what God is doing in Japan, while we need to adapt how we live to fit in to America.

Tomorrow we move on to Texas and are looking forward to seeing friends there and sharing at Northwest Bible Church.  Thanks so much for praying for our trip!

US Staff Conference