It’s Root, Root, Root for the Angels, if they don’t win…

So here we are in California and enjoying it a lot, but still working on the details.  We purchased a used car for our family, starting off with the summer cross-country trip.

Rochelle with our new-to-us Caravan

We are also organizing our stuff once again – some for the car, most of it for the container.  We received some furniture to add to the container too, so we will fill one of these boxes and it will get to us at our new address in Orlando just a day or two after we arrive there.

DoorToDoor makes our move easy – no that is not a picture of us.

Please pray that we get it all organized and safely stowed for the trip.  Pray for a safe trip.  Pray that the Lord would teach us through the times at the conferences.  Here are the details:

  • Depart for Colorado July 9
  • Arrive at Estes Park for CCC conference for returning
    missionaries, July 11-15
  • Visit Steve’s brother July 15-19
  • CCC All US Staff Conference CSU Fort Collins Colorado
    July 19-26
  • Dallas, TX visits with supporters July 27 to August 5
  • Travel to Florida, Arriving in Orlando on August 7


Getting Ready For Our In-US Move