Wow! Just 3 days of pack and clean left before we leave Japan!  We arrive in California  on June 15th.

Please keep us in prayer that the Sovereign Lord will lead us and work out all the details.  Rochelle and I are both very tired from making decisions – lots of little ones and a few bigger ones.  Also of saying goodbyes to so many friends here, many possibly for good.  At times it is really sad.

Today people take our refrigerator: the miracle we bought 21 years ago when we were newlyweds!  Praise God it has lasted until this day.

Even though we are leaving Japan as a base for ministry, we are continuing to pursue full time ministry for Jesus.  And we expect it will have a lot to do with Japan and Asia from our new US base of ministry.  Please pray for God’s leading in that.

Please pray that cars will be provided in time for us and our friends our friends from Norway who arrive to spend 5 days with us at the beginning of our time (they come on the 16th).  Our daughters are great friends, so this is a special gift for Melissa and us as we return.  Plus they are helping bring some of our bags!
God is so good.  Thank you to each one of you!

Saying Goodbyes