The Clark family is in the midst of the BIG MOVE!  We are putting our lives in boxes, as it were – silly thought really, since our lives are really hidden in Christ with God (see Col. 3:3) – how cool is that!
Pictures are getting scanned and pitched – getting a lot of the load down to the electronic version (not all of it by any means! :-))
Please pray for grace in the transitions and God’s provision for the details!
We are allowed 10  70lb bags going to the US (5 tickets worth) plus – our friends the Aronsens are coming to California at the same time, and they have 6 tickets worth but are only going to use 4 bags, giving us another 8 big bags worth through the airlines route.  We are going to need a few vans…

We are hoping to sell, give and throw as much of the rest as possible so we only have a few more boxes left to ship by sea later.  What sells turns into cash and hopefully on the other end in Orlando Florida we can turn that back into useful household items.

Pray for the Lord’s provision for the airline tickets, a car we need to buy in California, travel and conference costs at the US CCC Staff Conference in Colorado, and more!

Here is our schedule:
Fly to US June 15th
June 15th to July 9th in California (Yorba Linda and Santa Ana mostly)
July 9 drive to Colorado
July 11 to 26 US CCC Staff Conference and “Still Waters” (a conference for returning missionaries with CCC), visit with family and friends in Colorado.
July 26 drive to Dallas Texas
July 26 to Aug 5 visit in Texas
Aug 5 drive to Florida
Aug 6 move into housing for the Lake Hart STINT, the one year ministry at the CCC Headquarters we are joining.

Thankfully all my responsibilities with JCCC are passed on to others now (except for cleaning up my desk and a few last training items, I will be working at home mostly from now until we go).
Thanks for praying!

Packing and Sorting