Thank you to all for your prayers for Steve.

The physical recovery from the surgery went very well, although the different hormone levels kept me a bit longer in the hospital than the previous surgery. By 4 weeks I was really ready to go and got out to do lawnwork and install ceiling fans in 2 rooms! That last is because we are now hosting a foreign exchange student from Spain, Nicolas Garcia, for the school year. He will be a younger brother to Josh, one year behind, so they will be going off to our local high school together.

Anyway, my eyesight hasn’t yet recovered, but that took about 3 months last time for the nerve to recover and the sight to clear up, so I am patient.

Please continue to pray with me that the Lord would do the real miracle of stopping or taking the tumor away, so we don’t have to keep doing these surgeries to drain and remove the middle of the tumor. As we looked into other options of solving this problem permanently, we found there aren’t any. We discussed the possibility of using radiation to kill the tumor, but it could also damage the optic nerve which we are trying to save. If the neuro-surgeon tries to remove the tumor, he could pull out brain and nerve tissue nearby and that is also not good. So we need God’s help to resolve and heal this pituitary tumor!

For now, I’m back to work and walking through the followups with the doctor and my endocrinologist (who balances the hormones that get out of order from the surgeries).

We both appreciate your prayers for good health and protection so much!

Update on Steve’s Health