“A film team had gone into a village in West Asia — an area where it was difficult to share the gospel. Film teams and evangelists who work there often face stiff opposition and resistance.
As they were setting up the projection equipment, people began arriving and asking, “Where is the man? Where is the one who calls Himself Isa? We have come to meet Him.” (Isa is the great prophet mentioned in their religious book.)
The film team tried to explain, “He is not (physically) here. But He is in the movie we are about to show you. You are at the right place!”
One of the villagers was insistent, saying, “But He appeared to us last night. My niece was lame, and Isa healed her.” The man turned and pointed, “There she is. She (walked) with me.”
“And this is my uncle. He was deaf, and Isa touched him. Now my uncle can hear!”
“Isa told us, ‘Come here tonight because here you will meet Me.’ So we want to meet Him!”
Realizing that something wondrous had happened, the team thoughtfully replied, “Yes, you are about to meet Him. Please sit down and watch.”
They started the projector. The scene where John was baptizing his disciples in the Jordan River came on the screen. A man approaches John walking through the crowd. You only see his back, then his feet moving through the water.
The next scene reveals His face. It’s Jesus. Instantly, the people jumped up and started screaming and shouting, “That’s Him! That’s Him! That’s the man who came to our village last night!”
They could hardly contain themselves with excitement. They were meeting the healer who had come to them where they lived. The once-deaf man heard Jesus speak the Word of God in his language. The lame niece watched Him heal others, just as He had healed her.
They watched as Jesus sacrificed everything, including His life, and then rose again so they might be forgiven and made new. And as they heard the Word, they met Him in their hearts.”

A Story of Jesus Healing Lives Today