When staff and interns help build spiritual movements exciting things happen. That’s what is so great about working to send out the new missionaries with Cru! One of our staff, Doug Cummings, has been helping get exciting things going internationally with our CrossRoads strategy which provides a Bible-based
curriculum for teaching morality to students in schools. Doug shares a story from one of his recent trips.

I was preparing for a trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador to present the CrossRoads strategy to a group of Cru Community leaders at their training conference when I received an email from Max. Max was letting me know that he was now teaching the ”Life at the CrossRoads” curriculum to three classes in a local public school in Guayaquil, Ecuador! We decided to meet when I got there.

It turns out that Max is from Ecuador and works with another Christian mission. He has a heart to help prevent HIV/AIDS among students. After talking to someone who had used CrossRoads in South Africa, he found out that there was a training for teachers of the Crossroad curriculum in Medellin, Colombia. So Max attended our first training in Colombia three years ago and has been using the curriculum since.

2 Colombians are now working with Max’s mission in Ecuador named Carlos and Consuelo. They went to South Africa a few years ago and taught CrossRoads there. When they found out that Max was using it in Guayaquil, they got involved with him. So I was privileged to meet Max and watch Carlos and Consuelo teach a lesson of “Life at the CrossRoads” in Ecuador because of a series of contacts between Ecuador, South Africa and Colombia. God is amazing at connecting the dots!

My presentation impacted the leaders at our Cru training and we are praying for further use of the CrossRoads strategy in Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela to help impact students.

Crossroads Ministry