Today Rochelle will be speaking to a group of pre-school kids’ moms at Hikari Preschool near our old church.  She has a friend, Katayama-san, who is translating for her as she talks about You and God and Your Child.  Most Japanese don’t see themselves as created by God, nor their children.  The moms also don’t see the biblical direction, children obey your parents and for the parents to train and discipline their children, so it is more often that the kids are in charge rather than the mom (mom’s just respond to childrens cries and demands).
Pray that as she communicates biblical truth that eyes will be opened to see their need for truth and the need to trust the God who is, and who sees me.  Pray for the follow up of those who express interest, that they may be led to faith and good parenting too.
Thanks so much!

Rochelle speaking on parenting