Every now and then people still ask “how is the foot?”  Well, the evening swelling is mostly all gone – I just have a lingering sensation that there is still something not the same as the other foot yet.  Anyway, slowly, slowly its better.  Not slowing me down any!
Please pray today for some final video shooting for a part of a new tool I have been working on slowly slowly, a DVD gift to give people who attend weddings.  Working with our Family Life Japan ministry staff Andy Meeko, we have been developing this thing for over a year now.  Hopefully the final video segment will work out well today and then we can move to putting the pieces together and the packaging.
The Christmas CD master was sent to Korea on Oct 30th – praise the Lord!  And they are working on getting that back to us by about the 20th or so.  I am really pleased with the results – and now I am working on the websites that go with it (that is, I am directing the people who are making the sites).
Rochelle is down with a cold yesterday and today – she would also appreciate your prayers.  Tomorrow she is scheduled to play a small piano concert as part of one of the meetings going on at our old church – so she will get to see some of our church friends there and join in their outreach.
Ben starts Varsity basketball tryouts tomorrow – his senior year and the tallest guy and the highest point scorer from last year (when he was’t injured, that is). 
Melissa just finished the middle school girls volleyball season and we went to see the tournament which was in Yokohama on Saturday – great fun and they came in 3rd out of 8 international schools!  Go Melissa!
We would love to get Andy back here for Christmas – just can’t find the money or mileage to do it with.  Appreciate your prayers with him and us if there is some last minute arrangement that can be made to do this.
Thanks always for standing with us in prayer!

Prayer and Family Updates