to get out and see our friends. Some are working an essential job that is now even more stressful than normal; others are looking for work. Some want workplaces to reopen; others would be glad to keep working from home.

We are continuing our work helping get more workers into God’s harvest. The encouraging thing is that while we had to cancel the May training, this summer for a virtual training we have 175 new staff eager to join Cru and get going helping to build spiritual movements!

Here’s some encouragements of how God is working through Cru in the US and around the globe in this new digital environment we are in.

U.S. Outreaches

On April 9, Cru’s Campus Ministry hosted a live virtual prayer event, Be Still, which included worship and three beloved Cru staff speakers. The event kicked off a 40 day, 24/7 prayer chain focused on personal growth and revival. You can watch the live recording and join the prayers at 30,554 people watched the event and 29,823 people from 171 countries visited the site.

While thinking through how they would connect with other incoming freshmen, Emily and Danielle were excited to see God work among their entering class at Wake Forest University. So they began inviting other incoming freshmen girls through Instagram to an online bible study. Quickly they gathered 10 girls, and that has grown in these few weeks to 29 girls meeting together online to share how God has been at work in the pandemic time and learn together how to walk with Him through His word. And they haven’t even gotten to their college yet!

Global Outreaches

A young couple now serving in the Middle East have even more restrictions than we do and are not really allowed out of their apartment. But in this time that they and their teammates have been unable to walk around the city, they have had 800 online conversations resulting in 87 gospel presentations and 19 decisions for Christ! They also asked for prayers for “Harry” who lives in a different city. He responded to a Facebook ad last October which eventually led to his decision to accept Christ. He continues to read his Bible which he hides in his home.

Students and staff in Rome have been making the switch to digital ministry since they weren’t able to leave their homes.  During this time, they have shared videos and testimonies online and have seen hundreds of students connect through the content. As they followed up on these responses, they have  started many online small groups to help the students learn more about Jesus.

Worldwide 60,000 visits have been recorded to Cru online articles specifically related to Covid-19.

A report from Southern and Eastern Africa Area shows that in their 24 countries just from April 6-14, they saw a total of 44 million exposures to the gospel, and 275,000 indicated decisions for Christ! This was mainly through the use of the Jesus Film materials and tools.

God’s Work Growing Online!