Every spring break and summer there are amazing things that happen as students and staff fan out across the globe to bring the gospel to new and needy places.

This spring break through a partnership with Filters of Hope, a ministry that helps install water filters to provide safe drinking water to needy families, we sent 39 teams to Latin America, a total of 1,012 students and leaders. They provided water filters for 3,452 needy families, shared the gospel with 5,702 people, and led 1,312 people to Christ!

Now it’s summer, and over 2600 students and staff members are impacting lives in communities around the US and in many countries around the world on summer missions.

Rochelle and her team have helped prepare 150 new staff members to receive training this summer and join our staff during the time in Colorado.

There are 803 applicants for internship beginning in the fall, both at US campuses and other Cru ministries and on international campus settings globally.

It’s so amazing that God uses us to help connect them with His great heart of compassion and love for the world as they serve with Cru! We are so grateful that you have a part making all of this happen!

Summer Impact