Thank you to all who have prayed and connected with us over the last 2 weeks as Steve’s neuro-surgeon put him into surgery the very next day after consulting on his latest MRI results. Thankfully Facebook and emails helped us get the urgent prayer needs out, and as you all prayed, things went really well. Steve is at home recovering and resting.

Since April Steve had seen issues developing again in his peripheral vision, and the MRI confirmed that the tumor had reconstituted. The doctor agreed that the same surgery as before could again provide relief and recovery of full eyesight, so the surgery happened on June 14th.

This time around Steve was in the hospital longer, as more of his hormones were out of balance following the surgery, but thank God, they stabilized and he is expecting a very similar recovery to what he had last time.

The exciting thing for us is that the doctor said, “Sure, you should be good to go for the July 19th staff conference in Colorado,” and cleared Steve to fly by then if nothing else comes up. So we are planning to join all the staff in Fort Collins this summer!

Please pray that Steve’s full eyesight returns, that the tumor will stop doing any growing, and that Steve will recover fully. Ask the Lord to give the doctors wisdom as they care for him. Please pray too that the Lord would provide the additional funds we need to cover the out of pocket medical expenses, about $7000. Thank you for your prayers and concern!

Steve’s Brain Surgery