A recent article in the Evangelical Missions Quarterly quotes Dr Ralph Winter as describing the challenge that each generation faces to engage with the missional call of God like this: “Wouldn’t it be better to awaken one hundred sleeping firemen than to hopelessly throw your own little bucket of water on a huge fire yourself?”
This is not to say that each bucket of water isn’t valuable, but it does paint the picture of the importance of the role of those who awaken others to the missional call of God.
I (Steve) have the privilege of working with many highly motivated mobilizers, who are not only speaking with individuals about the possibilities of missionary service but are also actively planning how to engage many more people in reaching the world for Christ.
These efforts include:
Preparation for mobilizing the students and young adults at the Urbana Missions Conference this December
Planning a national gathering of all the mobilizers in Cru so we can share best practices, creative ideas and common systems to help connect people with their best place to serve
Organizing Cru’s recruiting efforts at our fall and winter conferences for students considering next summer’s mission trips
Promoting missions trips online in order to help people pray about and consider where God might call them to go
Resourcing our mobilizers with videos that help tell the story of working with Cru;
Representing Cru on job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and others
Marketing efforts to expand awareness of what Cru is and what kind of missionary work they could be involved in
Thanks for lifting us up in prayer for effective and fruitful work mobilizing workers for the Lord. We so appreciate your partnership and friendship!

Helping People Find Missionary Jobs