I will be making a short trip to Hungary this coming weekend!
My department (HRX) at Campus Crusade is sending 2 staff as representatives for a major transfer of leadership happening in Budapest this weekend, and I have been selected to attend.
The events happening there involve handing over the leadership of our Eastern Europe area from one of the staff we care for through our department, Larry and Debby Thompson.  They have led that area of the world for many years.  They were in the area before the wall came down, ministering behind the Iron Curtain.  Later they helped develop many new CCC national ministries in these countries with student, church leader, Jesus Film, and teacher development strategies.  There has been great developments in raising new national staff to leadership roles.  Now they are handing over their leadership role to Marek and Ala from Poland.  There are many of our US staff members in this area of the world, and so we want to let them know of our care for them by participating in this historic event.
Pray for myself and Melissa Crabtree (HRX Assistant Director), as we travel this Friday to Budapest.  Pray that we will have good interactions with the staff team there and especially our US staff members.  We hope to meet with a couple key people who help serve and care for US staff in that area, so pray for good communication as we share about needs and updates regarding caring for staff.  Pray also that we may represent the department well during the weekend.  Then pray for good travel back and recovery from the trip.
Also please pray for Rochelle and the kids while I am gone, for health and protection.
I’ll try and write again during the trip to share what things are happening from Budapest.

Steve's Trip to Hungary