It has been a challenging time to get the right things going, but I am glad to say that we are making good progress.  The logo is done, the music is done, the designers are working on the computer contents, the website, the cover and label.  I have one of my assistants working on a blog about the CD, others helping with promotions by advertisement, and today I was meeting with another designer to develop a cell phone site with the music for free download and gospel messages.  Basically we are trying to have as many ways as we can for people to interact with the gospel message through this project.

In the mean time we have teams from Singapore, the US and Hong Kong planning on coming, and 4 Southern Baptist partner teams, hopefully more local partners before this is all done.  To top it all off, I am host to the next Coverage Consultation, which is all the East Asia coverage (our mass evangelism movements leaders) directors.  They will come to Tokyo and join in the downtown distribution efforts during the first week of December.

For now, please pray with me for completion of the CD designs, so they may be sent to Korea for the production at the end of October.  Pray that the designs will help draw people to hear the gospel message, that they may all be done to the glory of God.

I so appreciate your help and partnership as we seek to see the Japanese brought to the great joy of JESUS!

Christmas CD updates