This past Spring Break, college students descended on Florida beaches en mass. Christian students involved with Cru were ready to meet them!

Over 5 different weeks, nearly 3000 Christ-following students took the initiative to learn about the gospel and then share it with students on the beach. They stepped into groups of students and initiated over 13000 spiritual conversations!

big-break logo 2015 big-break worshipping students

Elyssa, Josh and Diana were some of those on the beach. They headed off one afternoon asking the Lord to lead them. They quickly engaged a small group of guys near one party place with a survey. Their interest turned into over an hour of significant conversation on what the relationship with God means. Moving on, they met a couple friends named Raphaela and Alyssa. Raphaela was studying to be a doctor, and Alyssa was her friend. They were both willing to hear the message of the gospel. Alyssa immediately wanted to start this relationship with Christ. After seeing her friend pray to trust Christ, Raphaela decided this was what she wanted and also prayed to trust Christ that day. They got connected to the Cru movement at Raphaela’s school.

big-break sharing on the beatch big-break soularium in the sand

Over 5500 students heard completed gospel presentations and 563 indicated they put their faith in Jesus Christ! In the midst of their great need to hear good news and truth, young people are also eager to come to trust in Jesus. It’s so exciting!

It’s also amazing because so many Christ-following students now know they can share the life-changing message of Christ back on their campuses as well! Please pray that the Lord would work in all the lives represented in this story!

Ben Smith and Melissa Engage pic crop SquareMelissa and Ben Smith’s wedding is coming closer! We’re all excited about it and looking forward to a large gathering of family for the special event.

I don’t know how papa and daughter will make it down the aisle, but somehow it will all happen.

We’d so appreciate your prayers for this special day!

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