Well, the foot is moving along slowly… All things are back to normal except that the swelling in my foot is only clearing up slowly.  I appreciate your prayers that it go back to normal soon.  It doesn’t hurt, but feels like I am wearing an extra sock or something.

We had a good week last week with the New Life staff strategy meetings.  There were some very important discussions, including key arrangements of campus and community and how to involve short term Koreans, so it was very helpful.  We still have to work out some of these issues with Korea CCC in terms of their sending plans, but we are hopeful that one day soon we will have a full time team in Sapporo (a long term goal), instead of just the summer workers.  There are a couple of churches just sitting on the edge of their seats, and the edge of the campuses, who really are expecting our staff soon.

We were able recently to send one of our staff long term to another middle eastern country, near Europe, to live and give their life for a year term there.  This is the second Japanese staff to work overseas!  Pray for her adjustments and impact there.

Ben is doing great work with cross-country: last weekend he improved his time by over 30 seconds!  CAJ has a really strong team this year and they have been winning their meets each time so far.

Thanks so much for praying!

Updates on the foot and ministry