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Japan, mission field?

When you hear the word, “mission” field, you probably think of Africa or China. People hardly think of Tokyo, Japan as a mission field. However, here is the reality of Japan.

27,283 people committed suicide for 2013. (suicide attempt is about 10 times higher)

Over 1 million people are alcohol addicts. (the increase of women addicts)

4.8 million young people are not working, not in education.

One 1 of 3 women are experiencing domestic violence from their spouse.

While Christian population is about 1%, 34 million Japanese are engaged in what is called “New Religions” (After the World War II, Buddhist, Shinto, and Christian cults such as Sokagakkai, Jehovah’s witness). The largest cult is called, “The Science of Happiness” which holds more than 10 million believers.

In Tokyo, more than 50% of the people are living alone. The need for “Community” is desperate.

Please see this video called, “Why Japan?” (Created by YWAM)

Thank you for your prayers for Japan. Please pray that God raises more harvest workers for Japan.        Originally shared by Kazu Kurihara, missionary with Japan CCC 6/25/14

Why Japan?
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