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Josh Graduating from Elementary School

Our son Josh finished Elementary School with some fun honors and with lots of friends.
Josh has moved on and is starting to explore Middle School, 6th to 8th grades here. He’s looking forward to trying band, more computer learning and sports!

Ben and friends at Student Center
Ben and Student Friends in Tokyo

Our son Ben has been making friends of Japanese students and sharing the gospel in Tokyo. His year of STINT is almost done and we’re very excited for the ways he has reached out to Japanese students. He arrives back to the US on July 1st.

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Family Heading to California During July

We will be visiting family and our partners and friends in SoCal from July 3 to 29th. We appreciate your prayers for a fruitful time of good connections and that God would add new partners to our team! Looking forward to seeing those of you in California!

Steve working on App Project small
Steve Working on Application Project

Steve is working with several staff to improve Cru’s online application. Our heart is to enable more people to connect with Cru in more ways and more easily. Please pray for unity and wisdom from the Lord for this project team. Thanks!

Family Events