2015 will be 70th year from the end of World War II. During the War, our freedom of religion was taken away and a lot of Christians were persecuted.

Today, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which is the dominant political party, is trying to change the constitution of Japan. Please pray for peace and security of Japan. Also pray for the protection over human right, freedom of belief and freedom of worship.

Suicide in Japan
For a while 30,000 was the yearly number of suicide in Japan.  in 2013, it came down to 27283 (2.1% down). However, still this many people kill themselves. 70% of those are men. For generation, 60’s is the most, then 40’s, 50’s, and 70’s. 60% of those don’t have job. Number one reason for suicide is health problem, then economic problem and family problem. After 3:11 earthquake, people in Fukushima still suffer from radiation problem. Many people are forced to live in temporary housing. Some aged people live there alone. Fukushima newspaper reported that last year 34 people died alone in those temporary housings. What they need is “community/family”. They cannot see hope in their future. Local churches are trying hard to reach them. Please pray that they can find the hope in Christ.

Young homeless
Used to be 50’s was the main population of homeless in Japan. These days, 30% of them are under 30’s. After Lehman shock in 2008, because of lay off, bankrupt, suddenly working adults were thrown into streets. Those young homeless stay over night at the places like 24 hour fast food shops and internet cafe. Among those 40% are under depression. And over 3 million young people are the reserves for homeless. (1.3 million just stay home and not working. 1.8 million are engaged in unstable part time jobs) Poverty is not just economic poverty but it is “community” poverty. They are alone. They don’t have anybody to talk to. 70% of them don’t even communicate with their own families.

Poverty does affect family life also. According to the report of 2013, one in three women have experienced domestic violence. And kids who experience domestic violence bully other students in school or attack senior homeless in a park. This is a sad chain reaction. I am encouraged to hear that  several NPOs are working on this problem.

On the other hand, there is “over working” problem. What is called, “Black company” exploits young workers and make them over work (in some case even to death). Please pray that His will be done in working situation in Japan.

Internet addiction
Two Third of the young people who visit psychiatrists are internet game addicts.

They usually have no friends and just stay home and do games all day. According the study, people can get the same pleasure effect to their brain as illegal drag does through internet games. They become violent and become less sensitive toward other people’s pain. Since 90’s, cruel crimes among youth are rapidly increasing. Those two facts are related. Since internet game is a big business, company usually don’t care the negative effect on kids. Since this is just “game”, parents and school don’t pay attention so much. However this evil is silently spreading over Japan. Today, high school girls spend 6 hours a day on their smart phones. This does affect their communication skill and social skill.

Those are the young ones who carry the Japan society. Satan is attacking those young ones very strategically. Please pray the protection over the brains of young people in Japan.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!! – Shared by Kazu Kurihara, May 2014

Pray for Japan – May 2014 – Direction of Japan
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