Hi Friends!  This post finds us in southern California.  I should say, it feels like we are just waking up in a new place.  What with our move, and having 2 missionary kids as guests, and our final retreat for our STINT year, and helping other STINTers move out too, then getting Ben and Melissa ready to get off for their mission trip to Mexico City – and whew! now we are in California.  What are we doing here?

Actually we are seeking to add additional new friends to our support team, enabling us to continue full-time ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ.  After all the adjustments of the last year or so, we are in need of raising an additional $2000 monthly to be fully funded again.  We appreciate your prayers that this need would be met, and specifically for God to lead us to these people he has for our team. 

We are also seeking to raise $20,000 towards paying off our car, and towards our medical expenses this past year.  Any gifts to help with this would be greatly appreciated!

We will be in southern California from July 2 to August 13th.  You can reach us on our cell.

Just want to say also that Ben and Melissa did safely make it off to Mexico City.  They will be there until Aug 3.  Please join us in praying for them to make a great impact with young people there and learn more of following Jesus.  Recent Family Picture too!

California Trip