I (Steve) am very excited to tell you today that I have decided to stay in HRX one year, and also work part time with the Jesus Film East Asia team.
This allows me to continue the major information system project I started this year, that will help our whole member care department know our staff well, keeping closer to the staff we serve overseas.  I expect that work to take this next one year.  I will continue in my role supervising the Sending Team that gets our staff ready to go overseas, as well as serving on the leadership of HRX to give overall direction to our member care.
Beginning to work with the Jesus Film East Asia team is a step in my future direction.  After the work with HRX I expect to move full time into working with the Jesus Film ministry, and apply the years of experience in Japan into working with building movements in Asian countries.
We are encouraged that God has lead us to invest our lives through Campus Crusade for Christ in helping build movements everywhere so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.  Thanks so much for being part of our adventure of faith!
We will be making a summer trip to California July 2 to Aug 13.  For those of you in California we hope to be able to see you then.  Please feel free to set up some time to visit by calling my cell .  We are also praying for a car to borrow during the trip.  If you know of one that we could use please let us know.  For most of the time it will just be Steve, Rochelle and Josh, since Ben and Melissa will be in Mexico City on their summer project.  Thanks!
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