We so appreciate your prayers for us.  We are getting close to the end of the STINT year, and we will need to:

Make a decision about staying in our current role with CCC in HRX, or serving in a different part of CCC, such as the East Asia VP team, or the Asia Jesus Film team.  All of these roles would still be located here at the Headquarters.

Make a decision about where to live.  We are looking at both houses to buy and houses to rent.  We are praying that there will be room enough to have Rochelle’s mom join us at least part time.

Make plans about this summer’s trip to California in July and August.  Ben and Melissa will be on a summer project to Mexico City for 5 weeks from July 1st, then join us in California.  We are looking forward to seeing our family, oldest son, and home church!

God has good things in store, and we look forward to sharing His answers with you.  Thanks!

Decisions, Decisions