This past week Rochelle and I got brave, and left our 5 year old with our teens. We took off for Dallas to spend part of the WorldPassion Week at Northwest Bible Church. It was really encouraging to spend this focused time sharing what God has been doing in Japan and in our family’s relocation to work at CCC’s World Headquarters in Orlando, FL.
In a variety of meetings, home groups, women’s groups, and receptions we had opportunities to share. It was encouraging to talk with folks who have known me since my single days at Southern Methodist University, when I was first sent out to the mission field on a summer project to Virginia Beach. It was also great to meet people who have prayed and never met us before, so we could put a name with a face for them. We had a great time with friends who have known us for years through this church, staying with their family.
Expecting to stay home now for a while, working on the big questions of future assignment after this STINT year, future home (rent/buy, house or townhouse). And paying taxes, yeah, that’s coming soon. 😉

Trip to Dallas