Our son Ben is spending this school year working at a local Panera’s, to gain residency status in Florida. He is choosing between Univ. of Central Florida which is here in Orlando, and Florida State University, which is 4 hours away in Tallahassee. We took a trip up to Tallahassee recently to take the campus tour and look around. One of our highlights was that the president of the university jumped on our tour van at the start and then gave us the tour! We were quite impressed with FSU, which started as a men’s seminary, then a women’s university, and the last 50 years as the coed institution it is today. UCF, being in Orlando, and a lot younger, is a more modern campus, even though it has grown bigger than FSU. FSU seems more the Old South, close to the Georgia border, home of the politics of the state, with a red brick Greek architecture. UCF has all the modern buildings with a wheel around the center layout.
We expect to hear from both schools within about 10 days, and see what Ben decides!
Today Rochelle and I are heading to Dallas for a missions week at one of our main supporting churches, Northwest Bible Church. This is the church that started me off in missions by supporting my original summer project, then 1 year STINT in Guam, and all my years in Japan! They are eager to hear what we will be doing next (as are we!). We appreciate your prayers for these things!

Choosing Colleges