Dear Praying friends,
What a week it has been.  (See the earlier message below first.)  I have been very worn out through all of this, and its been hard to get going on any messages or email until yesterday and today.

The end result is that on Friday after returning to the first hospital and showing the original doctor the leg, he was totally confident that the infection there had caused everything.  Pretty soon he was saying “not my department, not my department” and we were sent up to the skin doctor section after getting set for a little more stomach settling medicine.

The skin doctors looked it over and rediscusses what they had read/heard from the other doctors we visited, then sent us up for a blood test.  After that the results showed that the antibiotics were working, white blood cell count and CPR (something of the infection level I guess) was following that down, another good sign.  By that day all the temperature was down too.  So we got a bit more of the antibiotic for a few more days just to be safe, some creme for the leg skin to keep is moist and avoid the itchiness as it dries up.  Then we were able to leave saying, “Praise God, it is all settling down and going away!”

However… by evening I was feeling a bit of a sore throut!  Today I was back to the doctor for that wondering if the infection was now causing strep!  He assured me that we had been taking the right antibiotic for strep, so it was definitely not that!  Guess I somehow picked up a hitchhiking virus to keep me going to doctors!  It shouldn’t be much longer before I am back to good health.  I really appreciate your prayers for me!  Thanks God!


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