Introducing Josiah and Rebecca Kelsall

“Have you ever wondered what it must have been like for the ancient Israelites to reflect on the victories the Lord gave them in battle after their escape from Egypt? I think we can take stories like the battle at Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27) for granted when we’ve heard them several times; we can forget these were people just like us. Certainly, they must have been frightened that the Lord called them to war with established nations at all, but when He said to do so by marching around a city for 6 days and then yelling at the end—could they have had their doubts?

But He did it! They did as He commanded, and He defeated the city for His glory and His people. After 40 years of desert-dwelling, 6 days of city-circling and a moment of shouting and victorious conquest, when they finally had rest, did they sit there thinking, “What just happened?” Were they amazed?” (Quoted from Kelsall’s July 2019 newsletter.)

This is how the new staff that I have coached for the last 2 years, Josiah and Rebecca Kelsall, felt when God finished their support team and enabled them to be fully funded laborers in the Harvest Field!  God did it and we were amazed and thankful! Let me share with you a bit of their and my journey of faith!

I first met Rebecca Gonzales (now Kelsall) at staff conference in July 2015.  She was a single new staff woman from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She had interned with us here at our World Headquarters as part of our Writer’s Team, writing articles for our Worldwide Challenge magazine.  She was the first Cru staff to come from Santa Fe in a long time!  She was joining our staff because God called her to keep writing and using her journalism skills for Him and His Kingdom.  I was assigned to be her coach while she trusted God for all the funds she needed to work with Cru here in Orlando, FL.  It was so exciting to see her faith in God at work as she determined to invite all Evangelical believers in Santa Fe to partner with her in ministry!!! She was able to see God provide all she needed in 14 months and she started working in the office in September 2016.

Rochelle and Rebecca at Cru15

While all this was happening, a young man named Josiah Kelsall began to enter Rebecca’s life and they got married in January of 2017!  Josiah joined our staff in July of 2017 at Cru17 and then they began together the next journey of faith to get fully funded as a married couple.  Josiah is from New Hampshire.  Over the next 2 years, the two of them and I trusted God to get them fully funded.  They stayed for a while in Santa Fe, then in New Hampshire, they made trips to Michigan, and then God led them to move to Orlando, FL last fall.  They faced many trials, disappointments, family difficulties, and joys as God put together their ministry partner team. I called them each week during this time and we prayed, claimed Scripture verses, cried and rejoiced together. But it was so exciting when this July God provided all the partners they needed to reach 100% of their financial goal!  We did feel like God had just knocked down the walls of Jericho for us! To God be all the glory!

Celebrating with the Kelsalls in 2019

So as I write this, Rebecca has just finished a  writing assignment for Cru Storylines, our online magazine, traveling to report on our University ministry in Nebraska. Josiah is serving in our Digital Products and Services department using his technological skills to get the Good News of Jesus out to the unreached and often unreachable parts of the world.  Please rejoice with them and with us as we celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God!

Thank you for being part of Steve’s and my ministry partner team!  Because of your support of us financially and in prayer, we are able to get new missionaries like the Kelsalls into the ministries that God called them to, whether in the US, at our World Headquarters, or all over the world.  We couldn’t do this Sending work without you! Please keep in touch and let us know how we can pray for you. We love you!

HE did it! Praise the Lord!