This past summer, Venezuelan students crossed the Atlantic Ocean to share the love and Good News of Jesus with students in a Middle Eastern country! As a summer mission team, they experienced authentic community, learned to articulate the gospel cross culturally, and watched people respond to Jesus. Connecting to students using short-films, pictures, and surveys to start spiritual conversations, they witnessed God at work in their new friends’ lives. But a big miracle before these miracles was the story of God at work to even get Venezuelans to the Middle East!
Venezuela is experiencing a lot of difficulties, politically and economically, which impacted the Cru ministry there. For political reasons all the American staff had to leave the country, which left only 2 campus staff and a few key student leaders to continue the ministry. But God still had good plans to reach Venezuelan students for Christ! Since then, 19 students have responded to the coaching of the staff, grown through training, and joined the full time staff of Cru! Also, where there had been no campus movement in the colleges in the capital city of Caracas, there are now 3 campus movements active and growing there. As these staff and students saw what God can do, they decided to trust God to send summer mission teams to the Middle East!
None of these ministries would happen without good communication between our Cru ministries across the region. Our ministries in Latin America and Caribbean are led from the Area Office in San Jose, Costa Rica, where American staff Jeff and Lauren Keys now serve, directing communication and media strategies for the whole region. They served as interns for 2 years there before returning to the US last year to join our staff as long-term missionaries. It was exciting to learn how God totally redirected their lives from successful careers in media in Hollywood and led them to use their business skills in His mission.
We were so privileged to help send Jeff and Lauren and their 3 boys to their mission field in Costa Rica! Steve’s team prepared and helped guide their cross cultural intern service, their transition to full time staff, and Rochelle coached them during their training and fund raising as new staff. Praise God, they are fully funded and left for Costa Rica on 9/27! It’s great to see God at work and how blessings flow from putting more key people into mission fields around the world.
You’ve been part of all this too, as you pray for us as part of our support team. Thank you for your prayers for our work with new missionaries and those considering serving the Lord in His mission. Thank you for praying for our family and our health. We are so grateful for your friendship and love.

Venezuelan Students