Bring your students and faculty to help with hurricane relief!

Cru is currently mobilizing Campus and High School volunteers to come and help in the aftermath of our recent hurricanes. We already have a response plan in place for Hurricane Harvey. You can come right now. Come for a weekend. Come for your fall retreat. Spring Break opportunities may also be an option. Houston-based staff will connect you to our church network already on the ground and hosting volunteers.

Vision Video

Student Reflection

Steven, University of Houston student

“I feel so helpless.” I felt like, this is my city. This is my home. I’m seeing my city in so much pain. It is heartbreaking and I thought, “I have to do something.”

In the midst of the storm, Steven and another college friend ventured out to volunteer at the largest emergency shelter in Houston.

“I was helping hand out supplies and I saw this really old lady with a walker. She was soaking wet. She sits down and she just starts crying. And she says, “I’m so tired.” And all I could imagine was, “What did this lady face to get here?” I mean, she clearly came by helicopter so she must have been airlifted out of her home– probably scared out of her mind. And she’s so tired.  I just had to take a minute and take in what I was seeing because she was just one of thousands of people that came [to the shelter] that day.”

Our Guiding Vision

The countless stories of devastation and loss that came with recent hurricanes beg for a larger story. We long for a story capable of absorbing the tragedies of our lives—a story that can make some sense of these losses and give us hope in the midst of them.

The gospel is that story. It is not the story of an unsympathetic god who is unmoved by our experiences of pain, death, suffering and loss. Rather it is the story of the God who came into this world, who wept, who suffered, and who died in order to save us from it, forever.  We need never be ashamed of sharing the story of the suffering God who came into the world to heal, to save, to rescue our lives.

In our response, may God empower us to step into the suffering of the victims of these hurricanes, to lovingly care for them, to patiently listen to them with empathy, to carefully and tirelessly help them to put their lives back together.

For more information, contact Eric Heistand, National Director of Gospel In Action at  Gospel In Action is a strategic initiative of Campus Mission Expansion.
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Hurricane Relief Opportunities