We are thankful for God’s amazing work through those we send to help bring the gospel to the waiting peoples of the world. Your partnership enables us to keep sending more of them!

Recently we had some very encouraging news from Tokyo and the interns (Stinters) we have sent. We are praying and asking God to change Japan’s spiritual climate and bring a breakthrough as believers persevere in God’s plan.  Here’s some of their stories:

Sachi: With a joyous smile, twinkling eyes, and rather loud laughter, Sachi was astonishing to the Stinters. During the national conference of staff and students in Japan, she shared about the Cru movement in the city of Kobe in the space of 5 years. Sachi shared that she comes from a family with divorced parents, but she has a strong Christian background through her church. On her campus, Sachi boldly reaches out to freshmen with the gospel and leads Bible study. She is so focused on the Lord and serves Him with all she has. Her joy, passion and loving spirit glorify God as a light for Jesus in Japan. She is deciding between working in a church or joining Japan Cru staff.

Chito: Back in Tokyo last summer two missionaries with Cru approached Chito, a Waseda University student, who eagerly listened to the gospel and accepted Jesus into his life. On Easter, Chito took another step in faith to get baptized. Chito is studying the Bible and attending church, and his life is changing because of the Holy Spirit. “Before, I used to think about money a lot, but now, I feel like I can be generous,” Chito says. He gives generously of his time and helps share the gospel, plans and leads events, and doesn’t shy away from proclaiming that he is a Christian.

Akane: As Christian student involvement increases in the ministry, the team prays that students grow closer, and love each other as Christ loves. Akane helped plan the Easter outreach with Chito. It was her first time to lead an event, but she took a further step and proclaimed the gospel and shared her testimony with the 40 students there!

Stinters: Of this 12 person Stint team in Tokyo, 5 will return to Japan to re-STINT from the fall, 5 will apply to return as full time staff to Tokyo, one will start seminary, and one will pursue teaching.

Rochelle and I are excited to send so many back to Japan in the coming year!  Praise God!

Interns Impacting Students in Japan This Year